NO*Stalderkattens Birmans

NO*Stalderkattens Birmans

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Welcome to NO*Stalderkattens

We, Jan and Tove Stalder, had our cattery name approved in 2009. We live close to Svinesund, just across the Swedish border from Norway. In the years before we started breeding, we attended shows with our domestic cats.

Our interest in cats grew, and we started searching for "our" breed. By coincidence in 2008 we ended up with a redpoint Sacred Birman girl called (N)Khanikatts Claudia. She did very well at shows, and achieved the title SUPREME CHAMPION without losing one certificate. Claudia has given us several lovely offspring.

Our first Somali moved in not long after. Thanks to S*Catnip's cattery in Sweden our S*Catnip's Oops Ofeila, a blue Somali lady, joined our family during fall 2009. Originally she was bought as company to our Birman queen, but princess Ofelia awoke a burning interest also for the Somali breed, because of it's temperament and look. However in 2016 we stopped breeding Somalis, and now only have two neutere old ladies left. You find pictures of both Ofelia and Kassandra here.

The breeders of our first two girls, Ketil Myrholt and Birgitta von Oelreich, did such a good job by guiding us and assising us in getting to know the ways of the breeding society, and the two girls became our foundation for our own breeding.

Along the way we have gotten to know many lovely people who in different ways have contributed and helped us. We would like to thank Anne & Carina Wiker and Eva Lill Bratli for all the work they did on our old webpage.

Our goal is continously to improve "our" breed in regard to health, temper and standard, and we feel we have made good progress. In order to make our breeding programme work, we totally depend on good host homes. So, if you are looking for a Birman, and maybe are thinking of starting breeding, a host home can be a good way to start.

Or, if you simply want a friend for life, and do not have the means to buy, but feel you have the time and effort to be a host home, we are very interested in hearing from you. The only demand we have is that you do not live too far away from us.

We hope you like our new page, and look forward to sharing updates and information with you in the future.


Our catrun that covers the entire garden behind our house